SOLSATEX series is a sizing agent for spun yarns, and have a number of typical properties:

a). Stable solution, event at room temperature.

b). Have a high sticking power resulting in minimum dust and fiber loss both on the slasher and on the loom.

c).  Give the yarn a high abrasion resistance for a good weaving efficiency.

d).  Give a flexible film.

e).  Compatible with other sizing agents.

f).   Can be removed easily from fabrics with enzymes.

SOLSATEX-OX /IndoTex Starch series is an oxidized starch which be used as a sizing agent for low grade of spun yarns, have increased water holding and water absorbing qualities, which decreases the tendency of penetration or migration in a pigmented coating formula and its cooking solution show considerably less set back and are less cloudy and more fluid than unmodified parent starch.

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