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PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL have implemented Quality Management System and obtained certificate of ISO 9000 since 1999 when still as a subsidiary company of AVEBE UA, Netherlands (PT. AVEBE Indonesia).

In October 2006 PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL separated from AVEBE UA, inherited by the technology and rights to produce some AVEBE brand name under license agreement and have been a renewal certification into ISO 9001:2015 on February 2016. Accredited the quality standard management system ISO 9001:2015 have certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL also has implemented Safety Management based on requirement in Local Safety Management System (SMK3) and also adopts 5S system.

The starch products of PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL are manufactured from botanical resources and are recognized as natural polymers.

As described in the USA 21CFR § 178.3520; Products series of PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL meet the requirements for Industrial starch-modified, implying that they also meet the requirements for paper and paperboard as given in 21CFR § 176.170 and 21CFR § 176.180.

Eco-toxicity of Products series of PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL is not classified as dangerous to the environment under EU regulations and persistence / degradability of this product are expected to be medium biodegradable. Therefore under normal condition of use, these products was considered to be not hazardous to human health and/or does not impair the life and growth of flora and fauna, nor does it from substances that have these effects.

The level contaminants in the starch (natural contaminant or reaction by product) is low and in agreement with international Food Starch Requirements.

The chemical natures of Modified Starch which manufactured by PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL does not contain any chemicals which are not allowed according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
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