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Since last decade, wet end process in paper making preparation has become more complex. Some processes have been developed to enable the use of calcium carbonate such as the acid sizing system, pseudo neutral and neutral systems. The use of higher filler contents are demanded in many paper grades.

Speeds of machine are increase, the head boxes and wires have been drastically modernized. Due to this situation, PT. SSI has produced two series of modified starch to achieve cost reduction and improve quality of paper properties in paper production;
SOLSACAT series, SOLSACAT - CS series and SOLSACAT - AS series.

SOLSACAT series is modified starch which is produced using AVEBE technology, and also known as AMYLOFAX T series.

SOLSACAT series/ AMYLOFAX T series can be improved some parameter of paper such as to increase its internal strength properties as well as retention of fillers & fines. Advantages

a). Excellent Surface Strength
b). High performance at low integral costs
c). Faster drainage

SOLSACAT - CS series is a recent innovation of modified tapioca starch which be developed  by PT. Starch Solution Internasional, used for widely spread over many applications in non-food industry e.g. used as a thickening agent in a construction material based upon gypsum or cement; used in the textile industry as component for ink; as a thermo stable drilling fluid for the oil industry; suitably be used in paper sack adhesive and for improving retention paper application especially paper machine which have higher speed.

is a higher molecular modified tapioca starch which be designed to enhance drainage, retention, dry strengths in paper application.  A higher molecular weight corresponds with a higher binding power.  This starch suitable for both acid and neutral paper making condition, entrapped until 60% in the paper web, interacts with paper fiber in a way that there’s an overall improvement in drainage and first pass retention of fines and fillers.

SOLSACAT-AS series is an amphoteric modified tapioca starch, which be developed by new process modification for wet end application in paper industry, especially paper machine which have higher speed & High shear application.


SOLSASPRAY series is a spray starch with low temperature gelatinizing, used as adhesive in Ply bond or Multi layer board paper.

is also used as an internal bonding strength improvement for spray application to paper substrates and for Ring crush strength improvement. This technique