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About Us
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Our company, PT. Starch Solution Internasional is the biggest Modified Tapioca Starch producer for paper and textile application in Indonesia. We produce derivative products of tapioca starch by changing the characteristics of tapioca starch according to the customer’s requirement through chemical process/reaction; this process is more popular as tapioca starch modification.

The  product of tapioca starch modification is used by paper, textile,   paper packaging, ceramics, and some other industries.

Aside as a leader in local markets, our product also exported to some other countries like:  Japan,  China,  Korea,  Philippines,  Turkey,  India,  Malaysia,  Netherlands,  New Zealand, Iran etc.

PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL (formerly PT. AVEBE Indonesia) established in 1996, was  subsidiary company of AVEBE UA, Netherlands. AVEBE  was  one of   the biggest modified starch producers in the world with advance technologies.

We obtained certificate of ISO 9001: 2015 Design and Manufacture of Modified Starch) in February 2016, which resulting a very significant role in supporting our position in this industry.

In october 2006 PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL separated from AVEBE UA, inherited by the technology and rights to produce some  AVEBE  brand  name  under license agreement.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

To provide high quality and cost competitive Modified Tapioca Starch.

Our Mission:

To create and share value added to all Customers in order to establish our position as main suppliers for Modified Tapioca Starch products.

Product and Service

PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL has the capacity to produce various Modified Tapioca Starch Cationic or Anionic by applying AVEBE technology as well as technology adopted from its own research and development.

Our Modified Tapioca Starch can be used in various applications  in paper and textile industries.

In paper industry our product used to :
1.Improve the internal bonding  (tensile, bursting) of the fibers
2.Improve the retention of fines and fillers