Product and Service
PT. STARCH SOLUTION INTERNASIONAL has the capacity to produce various Modified Tapioca Starch Cationic or Anionic by applying AVEBE technology as well as technology adopted from its own research and development.
Our Modified Tapioca Starch can be used in various applications  in paper and textile industries.
In paper industry our product used to :

     1. Improve the internal bonding (tensile, bursting) of the fibers.
     2. Improve the retention of fines and fillers.
     3. As a Cationic promoter for internal sizing (AKD or ASA) and,
        for coating as a co binder agent.

While in textile industry our product used as textile wrap sizing to strengthen the thread so that it will not easily broken off in the weaving process and used for PVA reducer.

Also we have developed some type of modified starch product for other applications such as Adhesive, Ceramic, Gypsum board, etc.
Some trades marks of our products have  launched  to  the  market  are  NYLGUM
,  SOLSACAT, SOLSACOAT, SOLSATEX, SOLSABOND, SOLSAMIC,  SOLSAPSRAY, SOLSA- OXICAT, SOLSALOK, AS series, etc. We also still produce under license of AVEBE UA brand name (AMYLOFAX, AVETEX) for some overseas customers.
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